Unfolding Venice

209 – 2010


Iuav University of Venice

Research activity and role


Project leader of the research project: "Unfolding Venice. Browsing and correlation of territorial data in tangible maps".


Project description


Information technology and new visualization methods are transforming approaching strategies for urban and territorial planning processes.  In particular, they play an important role in transmitting, organizing and analyzing large quantities of notions related to territories. Due to the relevance of these new works, a continuous evolution and experimentation of methodologies, tools, and platforms is needed.

In this scenario, the objective of this research project is to conceive and develop new methodologies to communicate urban and territorial data in visual and interactive ways, enabling experts (architects, urban planners, city managers, etc.) and non-experts (students, citizens, etc.) alike to participate in the discovery and analysis of physical and geographical data located in a shared information space.

These subjects and purposes have been realized designing and developing a prototype for tangible and interactive exploration: the Unfolding Venice tabletop application. The tool gives the possibility to interactively browse the territorial data while transmitting in a visual and non-mediated way both the information of data itself data but also the existing conceptual relation between data.



University of Potsdam, Interaction Design Lab, Potsdam, Germany.