Prin 2008


2009 – 2012


Iuav University of Venice

Research activity and role


Project coordinator of the Iuav research group in the National Research Project "The Italian gateway for Architectural Design, Building Technology and Construction Management Education"
The Iuav team was composed by prof. Vittorio Spigai (group director) and Elisa Dalla Vecchia.


Project description


The project is aimed at exploiting the potential of knowledge about Architecture by empowering access to digital resources of the Italian architecture digital heritage by starting an Italian network of excellence for Architecture knowledge. This will be achieved by developing a portal which:

- will adopt an indexing system based on a specifically designed ontology, that will include and expand the most advanced standards in the domain of Architecture (the portal will offer a flexible indexing technology that will allow both domain experts and end users to create, maintain and share index systems with limited semantic drifts, correlated on the basis of design problems and process management issues).
- will offer a set of knowledge bases on themes related to teachers' specific interests and interests shared in the thematic network;
- will capitalize the great amount of knowledge produced during design revision sessions among teachers and students in the course laboratories, through an archive of annotated works done by students;
- will support community of students and teachers on the themes of Architecture and Building Technology design;
- will offer support for collaborative design among groups of students through BSCW tools.

The running of the project at University Iuav of Venice produce a collaborative design process for the renovation of the ancient walls of the City of Padova.



Università Politecnica delle Marche; Politecnico di Milano; Università degli Studi di Firenze