SPINE: SPIN-Energy efficiency & urban development planning


2010 – 2012


Iuav University of Venice and Eurosportello del Veneto, Italy

Research activity and role


Coordinator of scientific activities of the Europe Aid project: “SPIN-Energy efficiency & urban development planning (SPINE)”

Project description


Buildings account for 40% of the energy demand in the EU, and even more in the ENPI countries. Improving energy use in the building sector is therefore essential to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Historical buildings, of which there are many in Ukraine and the Russian Federation, pose a particular challenge given constraints that apply when undertaking renovation work that make it difficult to increase their energy performance.

This project aims at facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources (RES) and energy efficient (EE) technologies and materials into the renovation of historical buildings in ways that take cognizance of the need to preserve the original artifacts and overall authenticity of the buildings.

This shall be achieved by identifying successful technical processes and measures, and by developing appropriate policies, tools and planning and authorization procedures that can be used to improve the energy performance of historic buildings and districts.

A further project priority will be to ensure that the measures recommended are affordable. In a period of shrinking public budgets, the projects wants to be sure that the solutions it proposes for the energy efficient rehabilitation of historic buildings are both replicable and efficient.

To help raise awareness about  these solutions and demonstrate their effectiveness, pilot actions are carried out in each of the two partner countries.



Unioncamere Eurosportello Veneto (Italy); Vladimir State University (Russian Federation); Cherkasy Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Ukraine); Comune di Cappella Maggiore (Italy); EBILTEM EGE University Science and Technology Centre Izmir (Turkey); Kulturni Front (Serbia); City of Labin (Croatia); Municipality of Savski Venac (Serbia); University Iuav of Venice (Italy).