Urban Energy Web

2012 – 2014


Iuav University of Venice

Research activity and role


Coordination of the scientific activities of the European project: "Urban Energy Web. Shared knowledge for the reduction of energy consumption and renewable energy improvements."


Project description


The Urban Energy Web project involves public institutions and companies in the field of research and business consultancy. It is oriented at the realization of trans-border know-how of information on reduction of energy consumption and the development of renewable energies at urban level.
Within the project two pilot areas are considered, the city of Feltre in Italy and the region Pinzgau/Pongau in Austria.
The project is based on the construction of an high resolution digital model of the pilot cities obtained by the integration of different information coming from laser scanner and high resolution orthopotos. The fusion of these data gives back a 3D digital model of the city. On this model is possible to connect several integrated data about the energy status of the buildings.

Thereby within the project a Know-how platform regarding the energy consumption and emissions of the pilot areas is developed. The Know-how platform will be available for different user groups via a web-service and provides an integrated data basis, which can be used especially by public institutions for the improvement of energy efficiency and renewable energy.



Research Studios iSPACE, Salzburg, Austria;  Certottica srl, Belluno, Italia; SIR – Salzburg Institute for Regional Planning & Housing, Austria.